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Start your course in Digital Marketing, Cybersecurity or AI with our High Level and Experienced Instructors.

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Our Expert instructors are also practitioners and leaders
in their field. Instructional, Marketing and Technology Expertise

Salim Holder
4th Ave Market Co-Founder/CEO

Former Fortune 500 Brand
Marketer and Instructor

Ama Gordon
CEO of Global Fertility Solutions

Former Fortune 500 Brand
Marketer and Instructor

Frantz Merine
CIO Columbia University

University Instructor for
Cybersecurity and IT

Jerome Clark
Founder of In Good Conscience Body Wash

Former Fortune 500 Brand Marketer and Instructor


We are an educational program that gives students the opportunity
to run ads, send emails and update websites and get the hands-on experience required to succeed in a job in Digital Marketing or Cybersecurity.

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Illustrations are here to stay. They’re a beautiful way to depict diverse folks from all walks of life, living in their truth.

Olivia Clutz

Latest Illustrations



For small businesses & startups


What’s Included:

5 Illustrations

1 Revision

Custom Illustrations

Native Source Files


For larger businesses


What’s Included:

10 Illustrations

All 5 Growth Features

Expedited Delivery


More variants and faster turnaround


What’s Included:

All 10 Expand Features

20-30+ Illustrations Delivered

Includes Illustration Variants

Expedited Delivery


Why are STEM programs important to the community?
Why illustrations?
Who is creating the illustrations?

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