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Cybersecurity Summer Immersion Program

Transform your cybersecurity skills in just 5 weeks! Learn from Microsoft engineers how to combat cyber threats effectively. Dive into network security, malware defense, and password protection. Gain hands-on experience through our labs. By course end, you'll be a cybersecurity pro, ready to safeguard your online presence. Don't hesitate - enroll now for a safer online journey. Work alongside real Microsoft engineers!

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Digital Marketing Summer Immersion Program

Are you ready to revolutionize your business with cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and AI-powered tools? This isn't just a certification program; it's your golden ticket to a dynamic world where your entrepreneurial dreams turn into profitable realities!

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I love the interactive platform. The Instructors are so nice here at NTP.
Charlene B
The students really love the course on Cybersecurity. It's like their minds are open to a whole new area of expertise.
JCCA Counselor
As students get the proper training, they will also acquire REAL experience while working on a project. What gets better than that?
After taking the AI course with The New Trade Program, I feel ahead of the game
going into my next year of classes.