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Work-based training with real clients to land a job in Digital Marketing.

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Work-Based Digital Marketing Agency

The New Trade Program's Digital Marketing Agency Program immerses you in the world of digital marketing through real-life projects with actual clients. Over 5 weeks, you'll gain the skills and experience needed to excel in the dynamic field of digital marketing. Get career ready, not just Digital Marketing certified.

Digital Marketing Summer Immersion Program Details

Our program simulates a real digital marketing agency environment where students, referred to as digital marketing specialists, work together to create and execute marketing campaigns for real businesses.

5 Weeks
1-2 hours per week

What You'll Learn

Comprehensive Skill Development: Soft skills like effective communication and hard skills like data analysis.
Cutting-edge Marketing skills:
  • How to create effective Branding
  • How to define you point of differentiation and select the best target
  • How to select the optimal Marketing Channels
  • How to optimize a website for sales, donations and/or sign-ups
  • How to create highly effective Email Campaigns
  • Creating and analyzing Paid Digital Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
  • Content Marketing including social Media
  • How to work with clients, bosses and teammates
  • And much more...
Real-World Experience:Work on real marketing campaigns with real clients.
Agency-Like Structure: Experience the dynamics of a marketing team in a fast-paced marketing environment.
Teamwork and Collaboration: Essential intercommunication and collaboration skills.
Continuous Learning: Regular feedback and strategy refinements.
Professional Preparation: Build a portfolio with real campaign work while learning the "unwritten rules" of the workplace
Adaptability: Learn to respond to market conditions and client needs.
....And Much More!!!

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Ready To Launch Your Digital Marketing Career?

Our program equips you with the skills and portfolio needed to secure a position in the digital marketing industry. Showcase your real campaign work to potential employers.

Professional Portfolio: Build a portfolio with real campaign work.
Career Opportunities: Prepare for roles in digital marketing.
Market Relevance: Adapt strategies based on real-time feedback.

Hear from our Former Associates!

Veronica Wilson

Spring 2024

This program was good. It helped me learn a lot of stuff and how to make my own ads. It was also a good experience.

Reuben Felicier

Spring 2024

I have been working with the program for months now and I couldn't be happier with my results. I learned a lot. you guys should try this program


Spring 2024

My experience in this program has been a great one. Not only does the internship program help support us financially, but it gives us access to new skills and thought processes that we can actually apply into the real world. Not only has my work experience been great, but the way the staff go about making sure. you comprehend everything individually is great too.

Deon Gardner

Spring 2024

The New Trade Program has been nothing but a positive and educational experience for me. This program has opened a lot of opportunities to me and has given me a lot more to put on my. resume. This has also shown me how to make money off of social media and what's the bare minimum to make money off of social media.


Spring 2024

I learned so many new things and I feel like this is an amazing skill to have for future jobs!

Learn from the Best!

Our instructors are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in digital marketing. They are committed to guiding you through every step of the program.

Salim Holder | Lead Instructor

4th Ave Market Co-Founder/CEO; Former Fortune 500 Brand Marketer and Instructor

Ama Gordon | Lead Instructor

CEO of Global Fertility Solutions; Former Fortune 500 Brand Marketer and Instructor

Jerome Clark | Lead Instructor

Founder of In Good Conscience Body Wash; Former Fortune 500 Brand Marketer and Instructor

Ready to launch into a high-paying Digital Marketing career?

The New Trade Program has a direct impact on the economic mobility of the individuals that complete it. Join our Digital Marketing program today and take the first step towards launching a rewarding, high paying and high demand career path.

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